Anonymous asked: So, I've only just found your blog and spent the entire day just reading through it. Your blOG IS AWESOME AND I WISH I HAD FOUND IT SOONER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

well it’s great you’ve found it now!

Anonymous asked: I LOVE your blog! Your posts are just hilarious, I laugh my ass off every time. I wish you updated more often! Keep up the wonderful work! :)

That’s great that you’re enjoying them! Sorry about the slow updates, I’ll update soon! Remember; as you might have seen you’re welcome to send in a request for a fb topic or characters you want to see writing a status!

Anonymous asked: i'm dying i just discovered this page and i have no idea how i've survived without it thus far god bless you and your amazing little mind

aww, I hope it continues to amuse you, haha!

Anonymous asked: Awesome blog

well thanks!